Subject KRAIA attended ICARHMA annual meeting 2018 in Tokyo.
File Date 2018-10-31

KRAIA attended ICARHMA annual meeting hosted by the Japan Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association(JRAIA) in Hilton Odaiba, Tokyo from Octorber 24 to 26, 2018.
Representing HVACR manufacturers on every continent, ICARHMA members discussed about future disruptive effects to stimulate a actions that properly tee-up ICARHMA and its members to better navigate coming changes and each country¡¯s top three(3) issues) were released and reviewed.
During this event, KRAIA has made our best efforts not only for enhancing industrial cooperation but also cooperating for the successful organization of HARFKO 2019, which will be held in March next year.
In addition to attending the meeting, KRAIA signed the memorandum of understanding with ABRAVA(Brasil HVAC/R Industry Association) for mutual development of both countries¡¯ industry and exhibitions.