Subject KRAIA Signed An Agreement with AHRI to serve as an Agent for AHRI Certification in Korea
File Date 2016-04-26
The Korea Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association (KRAIA) Signed An Agreement with the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) to serve as an Agent for AHRI Certification in Korea.
The agreement will:
 ¡Þ Facilitate AHRI Certification for the Korean refrigeration and air-conditioning industry and the agency
 ¡Þ start November 2016

¡à KRAIA, which represents refrigeration and air-conditioning industry in Korea signed an agreement with AHRI to serve as AHRI¡¯s certification agent in Korea.
  ¡Û It is expected that the activities of KRAIA as AHRI¡¯s certification agent will help Korean manufacturers better understand the requirements of the AHRI certification application and contribute to the growth and acceptance of AHRI certification in Korea.
¡à AHRI certification currently administers 44 product certification programs and it is one of the most prestigious certification programs in the world. 
  ¡Û AHRI certification is required not only for the export of refrigeration and air-conditioning products to North America, but also to other regions globally and for the participation in foreign construction projects in Korea.
¡à  KRAIA discussed mutually beneficial elements of the agency agreement with AHRI during industry meetings on October 23, 2015 in Chengdu, China.  The agency agreement between AHRI and KRAIA was signed in Beijing, China, on April 8, 2016 during China Refrigeration 2016.
  ¡Û  Currently, AHRI certification testing is conducted at laboratories in the U.S. or witnessed at manufacturers¡¯ own laboratories by an AHRI contracted agent.  In conjunction with the agency agreement with KRAIA, AHRI also signed an agreement with the Korean Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Assessment Center (KRAAC) which will pave the way for possible AHRI certification testing in Korea.
  ¡Û  The agreement also will make it more convenient for Korean companies to apply for AHRI certification and will help them enter overseas markets with a globally recognized mark of certification.

¡à Chairman Hwan-yong Nho of KRAIA said ¡°As the demand for AHRI certification grows with interest in entry into overseas markets of the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, we will fully support the ability of Korean companies to access and obtain certification more conveniently.¡± He added, ¡°We will make an effort to vitalize Korea¡¯s refrigeration and air-conditioning industry by conducting activities as an agent for AHRI certification in Korea.¡±
¡à In accordance with the agreement, training on AHRI certification for KRAIA staff will be completed by September, 30, 2016.   Upon the completion of the training, agency works in Korea by KRAIA can start as early as November of this year.
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